dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

err... 8pm, is it?

Prison Break is back tonight!!!

So it begins. Another season of shows. Except Jericho, which will air at some point, but an unknown one, at this point. XD

Rumour mill:
James Marsters may return as Brainac on Smallville. He's interested at least, but apparently filming some kind of groupings of eps for a different show (but i can't remember the name of it! @_@''' )

Also apparently Shawn err-- Aaron Ashmoore (they are twins, so can't blame me for getting confused) will be on the title credits, and Chole and Martha (clarke's mom) off.

I have no rumours for PB. And I don't want to know/hear any!

House's season 4 premiers next Tuesday. Woot!
Smallville that same week.
And Supernatural Oct. 4th, i think.

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