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I ordered something(s) for the first time from Yes Asia. Due to a couple of pre-orders and me not wanting to pay for S & H, I won't get them until the beginning of Novemeber, but that's fine.

TV Anime Saint Beast ED: Retsu Go Guy!
Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core - Original Soundtrack (Japan Version)
Pick-up Voice Vol.3
Okiku Furikabutte 2008 Calendar (Japan Version)

I really really wanted a cool calendar for next year.... >.> So i picked out a few other things too. >.>'''' Pre-orders are the calendar and the OST.So that's almost $90. @_@''''

Did someone say christmas? I have to save money for christmas! oh noes!

Yes yes... where I work we have/are putting out our Christmas stuffs already. Had to spend 3hrs over there already. I mean I have tons and tons, and tons of stock to do myself, but I feel bad if i don't help out. But sparkles... so many sparkles!!! I hate sparkles! I mean Halloween isn't even over yet! And it's Christmas at The Bay!  It's been Christmas at Cos-co (sp?) since July, XD

This week's working hours: M-F @ 8am - 2pm. @_@  Too long! til 1pm was torture!  Plus the bus ride is almost an hour! so i'm up at 6am, get home at 3:15pm (after a couple blocks of walking after getting off da bus) I like having a nap, and then getting on here to do somethings... but time! I need more time! I hate the customers at The Bay. So snobby. Rich bastards.  It's not even my job to help them. I have tons of stock to open and put out, no time to help idiots. <-- Yes idiots. One time i was trying to pull the 4 tier cart thing over to the towels, and this woman stops me beside the tea towel, seat cushion, wash cloth section.

Lady: "Do you have any plastic covers?"
me: *confused look*
Lady: "They go over the table"
me: *thinking: over the table?*
Lady: snob tone - "You know placemats."
Me: *thinking: why the hell didn't you say that then?* Yes over there. *points right beside her*
Lady: But these are material. I don't want material ones.
Me: *thinking: are you stupid?* Well not just there. *looking at one fixture* But this whole area.
Lady: *stares blankly*
Me: *takes her around each fixture pointing out plastic placemats*
<after the tour ends...>
Lady: Oh they are in this entire area?
Me: yeah *thinking: stupid lady*
Lady: I'll just look around here there.
Me: *flees quickly*

but... the towels.. a woman and a question: 'Hi, i'm looking for taupe coloured towels.
Me: *thinking: taupe? what's taupe?* I'm not sure what colour that is. <totally sure she didn't hear me... -_->
Lady: <picks up a grey towel>  Is this taupe?
Me: *thinking: were you listening?* I'm-- I don't know what colour that is.
Lady: <picks up another grey towel> "What do think about this one?"
Me: I dunno.
Lady: Looks more green than taupe doesn't it?
Me: *thinking: it's grey damnit!*
Lady: i'll go ask over in china maybe someone will know there.
Me: <after she's gone> thank god, *under breath*
but then she's back suddenly!
Lady: they said they are both taupe just different shades.
Me: of course.

but now it's supper time...
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