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Over and done with until next yr...

So yeah I think it was a successful opening for the show. I manged to get 3 & 1/2 glasses of wine. And was able to walk around all night in a dress, and with fancy high shoe thingies on. So i'm not the only idiot who buys wine and doesn't even think about needing a cork screw! After the opening i headed back here, to res. Tried to contact Margaret but was unsuccessful, then quickly got changed, and grabbed my drinks and headed back to the school. Got impatent in wait for the elevator, and decided to go down the stairs, which i almost fell down. Thankfully i alived back at the school just in time to catch Steph and Sonja, and hoped a ride from them to the after party at Iggy's. I took some blurry pictures and blinded a few ppl. it was fun. not as fun as Janet's party tho.

Maybe i'll talk soe more on this later. I'm so sore and tired. Spent 5 & 1/2hrs at the school printing today. I really have no weekends.


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