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ugh almost didn't make this post

a combination of not feeling too great, and being tired, i think.

AS released the Zombie Loan Character album which contains 4 songs, and a drama.
Kuwashima Houko - Save your soul
Suwabe Junichi - Don't Love Me*Baby
Suzumura Kenichi - Another Sky
Suzumura Kenichi, Sakurai Takahiro - Survive

Don't get too excited over the duet, it's more like a one sided singing, by SuzuKen, but still a very nice song. Now this is gonna sound odd, but i especially like Kuwashima's song. At this point in time I really wish i had decided to get this when i made that yes asia order. Maybe next time, if there is a next time.

Tokyo Majin 10. Of late this series has been extra confusing for me, since i'm watching it raw. It's been jumping around so much and leaving me thinking WTF? too much, but i still love it so much! Just waiting for my Kyouichi to save Tatsuma.  So no OP or ED this week either. I like the fact that that way we get to see more episode, but i love the OP and ED. I always always always watch both fully. Oh well. I'll miss this series when it ends, but i'm in for buying it.

Fansubs. Are fansubs the death of retail? I don't think so.  From my point of view, if it were not for fan subs, I wouldn't even consider buying what I've bought / am buying. So maybe 'those ppl' should STFU, ne? They whine far too much for my liking. With things like: 'stop comparing us to fansubs' etc.  Who compares them with fan subs? That's the VAs talking of course, which makes me think... Who the hell buys the dvds to watch the english dub anyway? I sure as hell don't. They usually make me gag. I mean if it's The Ocean Group, I can listen to it. They do an excellent job, no matter what. *bias* And if it's a series that i've never since in Japanese, then that's usually fine too, but once you've since the original version nothing is as good. I mean nobody wants the copycat version of something right? By 'copycat' i mean like when you go into a dollar store and you see a toy that looks like a transformer, but it's just a cheap copy of it, that will break as soon as you play with it.

D/L this Hyakka Seiran (Male) Album, and oh boy the crack! Each seiyuu sings one song that had clips of a bunch of anime songs. XD Morita's scares me. Konitan's is so great!

So i'm either gonna completely love the first episode of Gundam 00, or be 'blah' about it, but i'll watch it all no matter what! Unless of course they kill Yocchin's character... I know where my loyalities lie. I dumped Guren-lagann and never looked back.

all for now.

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