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Fall 07 post act 1

ugh i feel sick... most likely because i am sick... >.>
Bamboo Blade <-- dropped. XD I know it didn't last long, huh? ABout 2 minutes in I stopped watching it.

Suteki Tantei Labyrinth ... This one is gonna be luv of some kind i can already tell. ^^

Reason 1 ...


Tokyo has already been destroyed

Cops? or something like that.

This one is most important... Inogami Ryūsuke aka Konitan! Nice eyes... *has an eye fetish*

I swear I didn't notice his tie was pink at first! lol....... Shinao Seiran aka Suwabe

This is my favourite twin.. still working on his name.

That bulter's got some interesting fighters.. err i mean body guards... >.>'''

Twin #1 Hiding

Twin #2 Hiding

>.> Look a puppy!

Butler again...

I'm still deciding if this is a boy or a girl. XD


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