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oh that's right... way back whenever that was, after forgetting to sign into my editorshipness on dmoz.org, I had applied for reinstatement. And since it's been like 6 months since that time (aka a really long time, so much so i cannot remember) I was shocked to see an email with the subject: "Reinstatement Request Accepted"
Enter the WTF? face.
*read the link*
*light goes on*
OH Dmoz.org you do reply!

So in short, i now control, once again, the seiyuu listing on dmoz.org
Now to just get ppl to submit their links, and other ppl's links to the section, so I can approve them and make the section even bigger! Mwhahahahah!

Okay so here's my baby: DMOZ.org - Seiyuu
Please do add to the list if you can. But make sure said link isn't already on there.

Speaking of Yocchin (without actually speaking of him) he spoke loads more in the 2nd ep of Majin Tentai. ^_^

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