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dark-alone [userpic]

ah the smell of hot glue...

March 23rd, 2005 (05:00 pm)

mood: exhausted
music: Ride A Shooting Star - The Pillows/ 1 Thing - F11

working on my final major sculpture project. I get to break glass bottles and then use the pieces with the glue gun and a shaky hand to create little animal thingies with the caps for bases. I need to make at least 12. I have a cat, a turtle, an owl, and another birdy (almost) so just 8 more to go!
like my new avatar? It's demon form Chrno, he's having a sad moment. When is it, that i'll get over my eye fetish? I love eyes! I draw them all the time! Almost as much as i collect obituaries! I know it's morbid, but that just something i do. I did at least know them, or know their kid, sister/brother, uncle/aunt, cousin, a friend of.. you get the idea right?
Back to the sculpture thing. Marlene (the teacher) told me to write down everything that i'm thinking about as i make each one. My thoughts are insane! Really no one wants to know what i'm really thinking! Anyways let the insanity ensue! *runs away to glue again*