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D/led these just today:

Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS ED Single - Saigo no Kajitsu [Maaya Sakamoto]
Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS OP Single - synchronicity [Yui Makino]

In one of the D.Gray-Man communities, before my sudden stopage of, or actually it was mostly liking during it, watching the series. (behind by like 20 eps) I was trying to explain to some idiot that the spelling of the character: Arystar Krory , and the real person: Aleister Crowley, were in fact that, different. But than the thing is these people probably have no clue who Aleister Crowley is.

If it were not for my interest in Anton LaVey, I'd have most likely never heard of him either.  For the sake of it, Anton Szandor LaVey. Who is he? The only book i've gotten my hands on of his (so far) is The Satanic Bible. Now with that being said, don't de-friend me, it's not as bad as it seems. He really wanted to call his religion: Humanism, but knew Satanism would piss more people off. XD

Anyways the only reason I'm bring this up is because while cleaning a part of my room, I found my black book (...it's this small book that is black with lined paper...) and when ever i found an interesting quote or fact, i'd write it in that book. I even have a few spells in it. (yes i own a deck of Tarot cards)

So when I see idiots saying Arystar Krory, but spelling it: Aleister Crowley, I just want to hit them. Yes, 'Arystar Krory' is a play on 'Aleister Crowley' but to actually go so far to use his name, instead of the character name, is in fact an insult. Also I'm not sure this is the type of man that such be assoicated with a series like D.Gray-man.

So somewhere down the line this idiot will be somewhere and someone will be talking about Aleister Crowley, and they'll think of this coward 'vampire' freak. Oh the joys, and utter stupidity.
Tags: anton lavey, xlife: aleister crowley

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