dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

my finger

okay so i worked on Saturday & Sunday... and well since I knew I wasn't going to be working on the 1st of December, World Aids day, I decided to wear my red ribbon on Saturday (and Sunday).Which was fine, it was all fine, until... I decided to take it off at home. Guess what happened? I know you can guess.I unpinned it. <-- Successfully. But then when I was trying to put the pin back through the ribbon... instead of it go just in and out of the ribbon, it went in and out and right in and out of my finger just under/along side of my nail!

I didn't even say ow. lol My heart beated a little faster and I felt a little hot, but  nothing else. I pulled it out, and waited for it to bleed a bit... which considering the wound and location, it didn't do a good job of. But now it stings.

So tomorrow is Tuesday, which means it's my weekend finally. Sure my 'weekend' is just one day, and not on the 'weekend' but still it is what it is.

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