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dark-alone [userpic]

Christmas Party

December 4th, 2007 (12:40 am)

mood: sick

This friday is... i think i need to put my glasses on... anyways this Friday is my semi-work X-mas party. I say 'semi' because it's just the Early Morning People, not the the sales associates too. That one is in January.  There will be 25 or more of us there. It's a bar/restaurant thingy, about 20mins in good weather from here, called: Tiger Jacks. I've never been there, but apparently it's nice. Plus there's a dance floor... <-- which normally would mean nothing, but i expect to be drinking so... yeah. lol
Also alcohol + me = talkative. Talkative like super super talkative. @_@ Oh well it's more fun that way anyway. Also mainly females too. >.> oh noes! Our males are: Kamal (i know that's spelled wrong), Hezron, & Baha. Kamal is bringing a friend.  Some are bringing their husbands/others.  Suseela  will appear around 8, Kamal around 9. And most of us will be there at 6pm, for eating... >.>  I'm debating skipping the food part, and coming around 7-7:30... dunno. Also i need to buy something for $10, for the secret santa thing. I figure wine will be good.

Did i mention Baha is kinda sorta rather cute? I love his name... Plus I can spell it. And say it. Took me 2 weeks or more to say Hezron right. @_@ At one point I was just calling him Athrun. XD It sorta sounds the same.

Okies it's bedtime for me. Cuz i have work tomorrow, weather pending.
Still fighting off this cold. Took some NyQuil.