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it's snowing...

I have successfully  placed on the christmas tree: a cell charm, and 3 keychains. Hurray!
And our lucky boys are....
The cell charm - Yoshimori! (He's really close to the top. ^^)
Keychains: Byakura, Ed, & Roy. (Placement: i cannot remember, just Yoshimori, cuz he's most important. ^^)

The Chirstmas Party.... Kim's coming... who the hell invited her?
The fun meter went from an 8 to 0 :/
Kim's our manager, so boo to that. Maybe they'll eat and run as it were.

Someone on anime london's forum was asking about good Larku Albums, and I replied that Awake & Smile were popular, and I don't think I'm wrong either. ^^

Rewatched, in a skip over the slow/boring/non-Zed parts kind of way, Kiba within 2 or 3 days.  cried at things I didn't cry about the last time or first time I had seen it. >.> Weird.

Must, I repeat, I MUST get Newtype USA this month. Why? WHY? WHY?!  Because, because, because! BECAUSE of the centerfold! Who cares about the centerfold, since it's usually always girls? Well not this month. This month it's my boys from Tokyo Majin! Yes, MY BOYS! My Kyouichi & Tatsuma! *drools* I... must... get...

Also sent 3 cards/things out. So the international x-mas cards are on their ways. Just have to do up Canada & US cards now.

PS: my cute co-worker is leaving! u.u
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