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Taken from ann.com: He also notes that "Bandai Visual Japan and Bandai Visual USA are seriously considering on releasing some of the new shows simultaneously with Japan" to solve the lead-time issue. He adds, "Next spring, you may be able to see some of the brand new shows on dot-anime."

um.. what? would that not be complex? Specially if they plan on dubbing it. Of course they are spinning their releases as 'HQ' so that's why they are pricey. Really? how so? Also only selling them through dot-anime, would that not hurt them in the end?

In other news, I picked up 2 dvds on Saturday: AIR the Movie & Vol 1 of Tokyo Majin. <-- watched AIR; was planning on watching vol 1 too but fell asleep, due to feeling ill. Just woke up @ 3am, still feeling ill. So as is, AIR the Movie is still in the DVD player, and Dear Boys disc 5 is in it's box. Also picked up vol 1 of the Dark Crystal manga.

What else did I want to babble about...?

Did the seiyuu meme on seiyuu. I did Yocchin of course. a short novel perhaps. couldn't help it. XD Possibly recruited another Yocchin fan for yoshinohiroyuki. Speaking of communiteis, and also another thing I never got to work on tonight, started up a new one for Nakamura Yuuichi,  the seiyuu, not to be confused with Nakamura Yuichi from D-Boys fame. Located here:  you_kyan. So join up if your interested in him. Also feel free to post entries and advertize it. ^^

aaaanime.com has the Tokyo Majin artbox up, and let me take this moment to say: Where The Hell is Kyouichi? He better be on the other side! Though I'd have prefered him to be beside Tatsuma. >.< vol 2's cover has him though...

Since it sorta relates: ACID (the band), I tried my hardest to get their Pray for the Future CD, but failed after receiving an email that it was out of print from CDJapan. I'd kill for that CD, if only I could get my hands on it.
So my order from them now includes: ACID 2.0-SPIRITUAL CIRCUS COMPLETE (<-- atleast I'm getting one of them) & Ayumi Hamasaki / HEAVEN (Movie "Shinobi" Main Theme) <-- interested in the other versions of this beautiful song. I'll rip and share of course. ^^

Now to return to bed.
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