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But first:

If you live in Japan, or just think you can get your hands on this CD: Pray for the Future by ACID. I'll pay you for it (if it's not too much money of course) and then i'll be in your debt forever.

sickness = icky feeling tummy, sorta like cramps, slight fever, migriane like pains, and then topped off (started last night) with small back spasms.. So yeah... called in sick today. Hoping tomorrow is better. Christmas party on Friday sucked. Got a nice bath gift set though. ^^ And Jane who was drinking this strange beer, gave me the free glass she had got for just buying one. But now I remember why I hate clubs so much. @_@ The music sucks! And there was blinding lights and this strange fog that smelled they buring plastic, and I wonder why i'm sick now.

With that being said I want/need to get this x-mas cards filled out and sent out. Sent soubi_no_kissu's package & card out on Friday.  So 4 are done now. Just the remaining US & Canada ones to do.

Also want to try to scan the Tokyo Majin poster that came in NT-USA's december issue. Ooh the loveliness of Kyouichi & Tatsuma
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