dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

yet another post & it's a meme

First sentence of the first post from every month in '07. No memes tho.

Jan - Happy new year to me! (<-- man that was a dork post)

Feb - so i confused someone with someone else.

Mar - Anyways I made 2 more Chibi Zeds...

Apr - Guren-Lagann.... One thought... WTF? lolz (must have been guren-lagann's month XD )

May - Which of course was from </a></b></a>soubi_no_kissu ! \^o^/

Jun - So even though I feel like crap, and risked the safety of said book, here are some scans.

Jul - So first off Major. 

Aug - I know there are a lot of ppl who don't like the Death Note movies, but i'm not one of them.

Sep - Baccano! - 1 (<-- it was an icon post)

Oct - Bamboo Blade - a cast of mainly girls, but Konitan & Ishitan are list so, i'll at least check out the first episode.

Nov - Anyways got my Oofuri calendar today... just one small issue.... wall space.

Dec - "Lenny Kravitz to Sing Theme for Death Note's L Spinoff" (<-- still disgusted by this)

There's my 12 months of X-mas.

Tags: meme

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