dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

OMG OMG OMG! It's the 10th!!!

Oh noes! I completely completely Completely COMPLETELY Forgot!

Bad Webmistress! Bad Webmistress! I feel like i'm completely ignoring Again Tomorrow? enough as it is, but this is extremely bad.

"What is she babbling about?" < -- you may be asking yourself.

It's my site's 4th B-Day, and I've done nothing, NOTHING to celebrate that fact. This would be the length of time my site has been focused on various anime & seiyuu, and whatnot. Before this it was just a yuugiou fansite, yes I know scary thought. And before that/had 2 going, I had my 'Spike's' site, BtVS fansite, waaay back in 1998. But 4 years of (name changes, so many) Headstrong, One Thing..., & now Again Tomorrow? and I did nothing for it. :/

NEGLECT! I shall be punished for this, i know it.
Tags: ashita he, b-day
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