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i would just like to state that sleep is for the weak, and i do not need it.. happy, Kiwi?
actually i am not tired nor do i think i could fall asleep, if i laid down. and once again it is raining here in the forest city, that is London.. Canada...
did you know that Canada in Japanese is Kanada?.... well it is... so there.. *stick tongue out* 'K' IS so much nicer than the blah 'C' anyway...
Words that should be out-lawed: 'totally' or maybe is a slang term... 'i soooo wanna see JLo, she's sooo awesome she's totally the best ever...' sometimes don't you just want to kill ppl like that..? i mean they are simplely too stupid to live, like the song says: 'the world is full of stupid ppl'
this is what i usually mutter to myself: stupid simple minded mother-fucker...
which makes me go to the wonderful line: sit the fuck down, and shut the fuck up!
Henry Rollins is the best!

Oyasuminasai - Good Night

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