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I Did It!

I managed to get your birthday gift today, soubi_no_kissu!
Now if I can keep it together long enough, I should also be able to get it to you BEFORE your b-day!

Check list:
Something Fluffy
Something eatable
Something Usable
Something wearable? <-- well sorta XD

Me in store staring blankly at the goods. Thinking: 'what to get? ummm...' Clerk: 'want to look at anything?' Me: 'umm, not right now, shopping for a friend. It has to be light because I need to mail it.'
I even looked blankly at Naruto related things!  Did that at Christmas time too. lol

Maybe I'll throw in a 'yip-yip' too. Something I made out of yarn. @_@ He needs a hair cut and some eyes still though. ^^
Tags: b-day, soubi no kissu

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