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I just change my site's title and layout.

okay I watched today, some stuffs. First i put Ringu 2 on the DVD player and paid Zero attention to it, then turned it off with about 20 mins left on it. But then I watched Majin Tantei 14 raw. <3 I love that show.... though i want to know if that detective is still alive. I like him.
Then I watched Person 1 subbed. OMG I'm keeping this one. Of course I was stilling to far away and couldn't read the subs anyway. XD With my glasses on too! You know I hated it when you look up a seiyuu because his voice sounded familiar but you can place it, and then you see a name of an anime you've seen or are watching and then you look at who he played and it says something like: "Male student (ep 2)" -_-

Also earlier today I watched Spice and wolf ep 1 raw... not sure about this one but FukuJun's using his 'Zelman' voice so i'll keep it for now. ^^

So new shows i've picked up for now are: True Tears, Persona, & Spice and Wolf.
Tags: anime: majin tantei, anime: persona, anime: true tears, ashita he

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