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hmmmmm work. venting rant. my apologizes.

Work sucks.

Why you might ask?

This was definately the week from hell, and today just topped it off greatly.
Monday was okay... it was after that it went to shit.  And I know that it's only Thursday now, but hell my work week is over. I worked on Monday, Wednesday & today (Thursday). Well on Tuesday when Susseela (i'll call her Sushi from now on because i know i spelled that wrong) came in for work her knee was very bad. She had fallen on one of those weekends that were stormy, on a Sunday that she had to come in to work. Well they had taken an x-ray of her knee and the results came in. She has a tear starting to form horizontically. And from a previous injury she already has a tear that runs vertically, and if the new tear continues to run hortizonally then that could prove to be something awful. So she asked if she could go on 'leave' for 2 months. First off the thing is we are just auxiliary, so if something like this comes up they usually just make you quit. However the Ice Bitch (Kim, my boss) actually gave her the 2 months off and will keep her job available for her upon her return. That's good news, right? Well for her yeah. But then there is me. Why is this bad for me? Guess who has to do her stock? ME. Wednesday wasn't too bad, but today.... I got to spend 20 minutes on my stock, out of the 4 hrs i was there. @_@ And i have to do this for 2 months? Kill me now. And it's Housewares! Housewares has heavy shit. I mean I can't lift things that are too heavy. And those $600 pot sets are too DAMN heavy. Oh but it gets better. I checked my days for next week.... I've got 3 - 3 hr shifts. 3 hrs?! what kind of bullshit is that? 9am - 12... 9 am? Guess what the hell i get to do? I get to go at my normal time and sit in the food court for 1 hr, head around outside and go into the store thru the truck bay. Why? Because when i work at 8am my mom is able to drive me there, but at 9am? she starts work at 8:30 am. >.< I even asked if I could work 2 - 4 hr shifts instead. First the Ice Bitch says: 'i can't because we are on a tight budget.' So i repeat myself, that im asking for 2 - 4 hr shifts, which of course would mean she saves 1 hr pay. Then she says: 'I can't because we still have 5 trucks coming per week.'  Then why is it that everyone else who are doing stock are only working 2 - 3hr shifts? Stupid Bitch. It's not like a live just down the street, it's only bloody end of town, a 45 - 60 min bus ride!

So next week my life is as follows: get up at 6am; leave at 7:15am; get to White Oaks (the mall) @ 7:45am; Go to the food court; Sit for 1 hr; Go to work w/o a break for 3 hrs; Grab the bus at 12:15pm; Then repeat minus the bus for Thursday & Friday.

More reasons why she is the Ice Bitch. It was such a fun day for us all. At least for those of us on the EMC team (Early Morning Crew). After the morning meeting i went over to ask Kim about changing my working times, and she was talking to Jayne & Wendy N. (Got 2 Wendys) She was saying that the Waterloo store was going through some major revamping and it was requested that she and 2 others head up there on Friday (which would be tomorrow, she's good at the last moment crap). They (waterloo ppl) requested a marketer & someone who was good with Visuals. When Wendy is a Marketer & Jayne is quick with Visuals. Waterloo would have a bunch of Zellers employees there to due all the heavy lifting and moving and junk. She was then like, 'I know that tomorrow is your day off' to Wendy, who was not impressed. And to Jayne she said I know you need to be back by 3:30, so we could leave at 2:30. Wendy was like: 'Tomorrow is Jessica's Birthday.' (Her daughter)  'I haven't seen her in 2 days, and Richard's in Toronto...' Kim: 'we need to do this.' Wendy: ''I need to make a phone then.  (I, at this point asked about my work, stupid me)  Then went upstairs to Housewares, where later Kim appeared and asked Mary Anne to give up her day off to head to Waterloo. She also said no. It's her Daughter's b-day on Saturday and her son is coming home for the weekend. At break time Wendy has the most perfect line describing Kim: "She doesn't have one bone of compassion in her body." I guess Kim went from Marketer to marketer until yes got a yes, which was from Lina, who said she doesn't know how to say 'No.' Poor Girl. On top of that, because Wendy said no, Kim took her four day weekend away. She was so excited about having both Friday and Monday off, but then Kim took Monday away and gave it to Lina.  Some Manager. She should get axed.

I need to find a better job.

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