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snagged this from drug_holic

Choose five series. Don't look at the questions until you've chosen your five.
(so if you plan on doing this in your LJ pick your five now)

1. Kekkaishi
2. True Tears
4. Kiba
5. Black Blood Brothers

1. Which is your favorite series from your list? And why?
uh.. um.. Kekkaishi. Why? I dunno... It's been able to keep my attention since epside 3 to the present?

2. If you were to pair two characters from 1 and 4, who would they be?
Uh, Kekkaishi & Kiba... great.... how about Yoshimori & Zed? That would be interesting. ^^

3. What is one thing you'd like to change about 3's plotline?
the arc system. Why can't it just be about Nagise & Tomoya?

4. If both main characters of 2 and 5 were falling off a  cliff, which one would you save?
um Shinichirō, because if it was Jirou he'd be okay, unless there was water, but even then he'd get by alright i'm sure. ^^

5. Which event was the most horrible for you in 1?
Gen-kun vs Kaguro

6. Which is your least favorite character of 2?
Hiromi, i don't like her, and it's only been 2 eps. XD

7. If the antagonist of 3 were to rape the main character of 1, what would you do?
err--- is there an antagonist in CLANNAD? o.O

8. What song reminds you of 5?
oh gawd, i don't know. XD

9. Of 1, 3, and 5, which is the easiest to think about?
Kekkaishi. I love it the most, and i'll miss it when it ends. :/

10. Are the protagonists of 2 and 4 similar?
Is Shinichirō similar to Zed? No way in hell. lol
well maybe age wise, maybe.

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