dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

wha cold!

Yay! around Feb 14 -15th, i'lll be getting my precious Tactics Boxset, which i've failed to mention until now. XD
Via amazon.ca. which allows one to get free shipping if over $39... so naturally Tactics' pricw is $38.49 -_-
So I randomly picked out (since it sorta sounded interesting) The Locker/The Locker 2 set for $19.99
I thought, I might as well pick up some J-horror while i was at it. Was going to get the boxset through Neo Tokyo, but Rob said it would be around $50. @_@  That's almost $20 more! This way i'm getting tactics and 2 movies for around the same price. lol

Besides I love Tactics. *hugs a random boxset*

Now to ready for work, and try not to blow away out in the gusting winds of 60 km/h - 100 km/h
Should be fun. and cold. very cold. it's cold in here. It'll be 10x colder out there. and i have a heater on too!

Matsuyama  Ken'ichi is in The Locker 2. ^^
Tags: actor: matsuyama kenichi, anime: tactics, movies: the locker, stores: amazon

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