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to prove i don't buy things for their extras.... I just now, was looking at the technical specs for the tactics boxset which will make it's way to my hands feb 14-15thish and....

Disc 1 Extras: blah, blah,blah, blah, and blah, and Interview With the Japanese Voice Actors. <-- ooooooooooo
Disc 2 Extras: blah, blah,blah, blah, and blah, and Interview With the Japanese Voice Actors <--- OOooooo
Disc 3 Extras: Original Music Video "Premonition Infinity", blah, blah, blah ... --> that could be scary...
Diisc 4 Extra: Music Video: "Embrace the Sun & the Moon" <-- scary?
Disc 5: Original Music Video: "In a Corner of This World" <-- lordy... another one!

the complete specs here.
Amazon.ca Sales Rank: #11,144 in DVD (well we can't all be #1, can we? My first Stargate SG1 movie is #11, but i'll buy it in a store)

and oh my god.. L is almost out in theatres in Japan. Feb 9th for you lucky people.

I just played the first 2 stages on the L movie site. XD i just randomly clicked on things. ^^
L ~change the world~

Jericho returns feb 12 ro something. Thanks completely to it's fans, and a few tons of peanuts. Proof fans do have a say, if there enough NUTS.
Tags: anime: tactics, movies: l change the world

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