dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Seiyuu communities pimp post; Act 1

Think of this as my tryout post before posting on seiyuu; singing_seiyuu; and where ever else i can think of later. Also if any of you on my precious F-list would like to pimp there, as well go ahead. ^__^

Yoshino Hiroyuki - Yocchin
Current members: 56; with 2 mods: soubi_no_kissu & myself

Baby Com
Nakamura Yuuichi - You-kyan
Current Members: 9; with 2 mods crafty_boy & myself

Actual Pimpage

You may use the above images to pimp the communities, if you wish to. ^^

coming soon konitan_rabu, and those poor other 2.. that i've done nothing with. u.u
horie_kazuma & miyashita_eiji
Tags: seiyuu communities

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