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gah little parts

Okay i went to Neo Tokyo to pick up so manga and my Anime London Membership card.
Upon snagging up Zombie Loan 2, and Ouran 10, I thought about picking up Blood+ vol. 1, but then thought to myself: 'if i don't see and neat merch on the other side.. maybe.'

I walked around to the other wall andd looked up at the action figures..... OMG Gundam 00! Kyrios!
This one to be exact.
For $16.95
First Gundam i've bought since my GW craze. lol
It's got all these parts and stuffs. @_@ With instructions in Kanji. @_@''''
But i love it!

So 2 mangas, & a toy for $36.12 not too bad for an addict. XD Of course there's a small discount. ^^

My Black Blood Brothers vol 1 with artbox (starter set, i think they're calling it) should be coming soon, and i ordered a Kyoya plushie, to go along with my Hikaru one. ^^ and a Death Note Pencil Bag, both of which should also come soonish, hopefully.  Also vol 2 of Tokyo majin, whenever ADV gets their head out of their ass.
Tags: anime: gundam

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