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*GASP* An entry!

SO my brother, due largely to his demanding shithead of a wife, loss his job at UWO yesturday, also prolly because he told them stupidly that he was looking for a new job. Can Anyone Say Idiot?

UWO said they'd have to move out at the end of the month, which leaves them a couple of weeks.
So natuarally my asshole of a brother, makes the assumption, with knowledge that my Mom can't say no, that he, wife, and 1.5 year-old could live here, in our little apartment. It's a two bedroom apartment with 2 ppl and a cat. They have a cat too. Baka Brother also suggested to Mom, that I go live with my Grandma for a month! Where does he get off, saying that!? I've anyone should live there it's them! Her house (major hint there, she's got a house) is way bigger than our apartment.

UWO = University of Western Ontario
baka brother = Jan
demanding wife = Tammi

Why do i say demanding? When Jan returns home from working, he must wash the dishes, feed Leila, bath her, and put her to bed. He does everything, if Leila gets a scratch Tammi calls Jana, and he rushes back. Fired because he wasn't giving UWO enough of his time. Really? I wonder why?

And here ends my ranting.

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