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Happy March?

So if March either comes in like a Lion, and Out like a sheep or In like a sheep and out like a Lion, then which is this? I know it was still feb but the 29th only happens every 4 years.  Logically one should want the Lion - sheep approach to get it over with right?

The Bay is phasing out the uniform. As of this coming Friday March 7th, i believe, we will no longer be allowed to wear our uniforms. We still have to dress in black though. The sales associates uniform wise had to wear black bottoms, white tops, and their black vests with The Bay logo on them, and a name tag. The EMC (me) wear black pants (dresses or skirts seems kinda stupid to wear), and an issued golf shirt with the logo, long sleeved and shirt sleeved. We of the EMC (Early Morning Crew) get dirty... really dirty.... which is why the golf/polo shirt is great.  But now they are phasing out the logo/uniform, meaning we have to dress like the sales assiocates. We have to dress fancy. >.< And with necklaces and other such things. I unpack boxes. These boxes have all kinds of dirty on them. SOmetimes they have this chalk-like stuff which is super hard to get off. My hands get flithy, so i can only imagine what my clothes are like.  I also work in the Linens department... what does Linens have? Towels. What's wrong with towels? Nothing, except for all the towel lint that collects on you like-- well like something awful. Also working the housewares stock too. @_@

Today in the Linens stock room i was trying to pull out some items that were in behind the curtain rods, so i was down on the floor on my stomach on the bottom shelf trying to pull out a duvet.  I got dust and dustbunnies from god knows how long ago all over myself. The damn room is basically full of pillows, and they keep sending us more & more of the same 'we don't have room for these' pillows. There must be over 300 pillows packed into that stock room. 3 boxes that i didn't bother trying to squeeze unto the shelves.

While picking up Totally Captivated vol 1, and grabbed Blood+ vol 1.
Only because of Kai. But the manga has this Charles guy... >.> Van is in it, and he's hanging around Charles... <-- WhoTH is Charles? XD
Anyways the first vol.... it's really good, but Saya seems to be less slow on making decisions, which may also be a good thing. Her and Haji bothered me to no end in the anime.

Also got my ordered Black Blood Brothers vol1 w box. It's an interesting box design. Finally something not boring like the ones ADV comes out with. (like the one i'll be getting whenever it is that the suppliers to Neo Tokyo get it, for Toyko Majin)
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