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because one can ever belong to too many communities...

man i just got the hiccups. x.x

I just joined the rather new True Tears community: truenamida
And in joining fashion posted my True Tears Icons. I had no idea i was up to 73. -_-'''
From oldest to newest, which would explain the first 2 being Aiko. I tried to make a few more of her, more recently, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. But you can tell who my faves are from the icons. XD Miyokichi (explains the Aiko hate), Jun, & Noe

X-Files Movie... #2.... huh? there's a 2nd one? and it's coming out in July? @_@ Okies then.... >.> Had no clue. XD and what's worse is my favouriest actor's in it! And I had no clue about this movie! I FAIL! (Favourite Actor: Callum Keith Rennie aka CKR)

Canadian Musician Jeff Healy died at age 41, from Cancer. When he was a year old he got cancer and it took his eye sight. At age 3 he started learning how to play the guitar, by laying it on his lap. And now 40 years later, cancer has killed him. He leaves behind a wife, 13 yr old daughter, and 3 yr old son. Pretty sad. He was a good guy. Oh man got teary eyed typing this..u.u

Got the first volume of the Blood+ manga. It's.. wait... i think i talked about this already, getting deja vu... x.o

ummm bought Prison Break Season 2 on Sunday, for $39. Should go nicely with the first season, ne? XD $20 cheaper then the first one too. Still waiting for House season 3's price to fall, and same for Stargate SG1 season 10. SG1's first of 2 movies comes out on DVD next Tuesday, and i'm getting that.  Never really watched SG1 before season 9. Why? Ben Browder. I'm a Farscape fan. ^___^ Plus Claudia Black's in it too.
Tags: anime: true tears, tv: stargate

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