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This is my show. This is the show I saw fans save through peanuts. 2 tons of peanuts.
We the fans that do not count in the ratings. We are getting 6 (or 7) eps for the 2nd season.
In last week's episode I was sad, but happy that a character that I adored was going to be heading out to work in another part of the reborn USA. But i was like, hey we're only getting 6 episodes, so this is good. However this week's episode... Don't get me wrong, I love D.B. Sweeny, but his character is one motherfucking badass, And with the commercial for this episode using the terms 'a tragic event' I just knew something awful was gonna happen. They sort of set it up to look like maybe Heather would have something happen to her, and I was worried for HER. It didn't even cross my mind that would happen to THEM.

When the first episode of this season aired, I felt like: 'WTH am I watching?' But the one element that made me think, 'oh yeah, this is my show' was Stanely, Mimi and Bonnie. Bonnie is the one i was talking about up there. She's Stanley's little sister. She's also deaf. I enjoy a show that doesn't just have skinny, perfectly healthy (as heathly as you can be under weight) characters. Stanley asked Mimi to marry him. Bonnie was going off to work for J & R. Lots of happy happy, right? Then this episode came and hit us, like a sledge hammer.

Mimi had found, while doing the books, that $10,000 was missing from the accounts, and made this known, and that person told D.B.'s character who basically demanded Mimi's copy of the Ledger. He threatened her, in a between the lines kind of way, and she said she'd bring it in tomorrow. However, and i knew he'd do this, he went out to the farm with four guys, and with guns. Mimi told Bonnie (keep in mind she can't hear them outside yelling for Mimi to bring out the ledger) they were there. Bonnie said she'd go outside and tell them Mimi wasn't home. So she did, and he didn't believe her, and she ran back into the house and locked the door. Told Mimi they were coming. Mimi said we have to hide, and ran into the pantry, but she turned around and Bonnie wasn't there. She was about to go out, but then guns started firing, Bonnie had a shot gun, and was shooting back at them. The men were shooting thru the wall where the pantry was, and Mimi got hit. Bonnie was taking care of the men, really well, but I knew D.B.'s character wouldn't go down as easily. Mimi was in the pantry barely staying awake, when it got really quiet, she moved slowly up to one of the holes and looked through it, with blurred vision before she fell to the ground. Later, we come back to the farm, and a really sad song is playing as Jake (Skeet's character) pulls up in the sheiff car, he is the sheriff, btw. He passes his brother Eric, goes inside.  We see Mimi on a strecher, with an oxygen mask on, she doesn't look good. No sign at all of the Ravenwood gang. Then Jake sees Stanley holding Bonnie's lifeless body. TT__TT

When Bonnie was 4 years old (there's a big age gap between the pair) she was in the car with their parents, while Stanley was off in college. They got into an accident, and their mom and dad were killed. Stanley came home right away. He took care of his sister, he raised her. And now... omg... it's so sad! But it just proves how good this show is. Though I know it won't be back next season.
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