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So.. yeah

Watched the first Stargate SG1 movie: The Ark of Truth.
It was EPIC, in the good way. Loved it.

After which I sprung out to tell my mom, that it was EPIC, and had to explain that EPIC means good, at least to me, it does.
But then I looked outside and saw a bus, which isn't that EPIC, but there were 2 London Transit vans on either end of it, which there flashers on. So i'm like: a bus broke down outside. The people from on the bus are all standing outside of it, and it's cold out and all. (-7c with the windchill) (we have this screen like thing across the railing on the balcony, for more privacy) I looked a bit better, aka stood on the heater with tipee toes and saw a cop car. 'WTF?' pop my head back in to my mom: 'there's a cop car' Then another cop car shows up and sits on the side street. And then another unmarked car with flashers. And yet another cop car which pulls in, inbetween the bus and the van at the front, aka into the snow bank. Then (yes it's an epic tale with no anwsers) A bus comes along, and I'm thining: 'oh there's a bus for them' and so were they, but no, it wasn't, so it must have been another bus. But behind it is yet another bus (total: 2 vans; 4 cop cars; 3 buses) The 2nd bus moves on, and the 3rd bus pulls up beside the 1st bus, effectively stopping traffic. The people pile on, and the bus leaves. Now back to the Why the hell is there 4 cops for a broken down bus? o.O

Then after a bit of time.... oh wait somewhere inbtween, before the new bus, someone (maybe a cop) kept walking up and down the isle.
Then (that's my favourite word) 2 cops head over to one of the cruisers with a blonde girl in a white jacket, who is cuffed. They put her up against the trunk of the car and pad her down. Placed her in the back seat, then the 4 of them chatted for a bit. One cop left. And then eventually the rest of them did too. It was really kind odd.

and now Jericho is on, so off i go!
Tags: tv: jericho, tv: stargate

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