dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

watching American tv shows

and seeing its fans react.
Why are they so different, i wonder?


last week Goetz killed Bonnie.
This week the team banded together to protect Mimi.
The other town send a couple over guys to kill Heather,, but they told her they'd take Goetz instead.

So the basics of this episode was: Who's gonna get to kill Geotz?

1) The Rangers (Jericho)
2) New Burn, or whatever they are called. (the other town)
3) Stanley, Bonnie's brother.

Stanley won. He shot Goetz point blank in the head.
And you can read comments from ppl in the jericho community saying it was right for him to KILL Goetz. These ppl are basically thrilled about it.
So is it really alright to go out and murder ppl, even if they are evil bastards, does that make it alright to murder them?

I don't think so. But has LaVey stated "Man is the worst of them all."

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