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work..? It's more like doing laps around a store. But being paid.
I'd much rather be sleeping in (im not even sure what that means anymore) than getting up at 6am, zoning out until about 10mins to 7am, throwing on black clothes, and daring out the door, to arrive at the store at 7:45am, for work at 8am.... I swipe in, go get the keys, 2 sets, one for the linens stock room, and the other for housewares.  check linens: see one box to open, it's 3 contour bath rugs. Zip over to Housewares: see one tiny box, opened it: CHINA. Major Fail. Then i proceed to do NOTHING until the meeting, because did i meantion, that they had some of the power to some of the lights turned off, and the Linens stockroom was one of them. >.< pitch black in there. I saw no stock at all today. I was there for 5 hrs, and had one box. >.<

Okies after circling upstairs a couple more times, I did go down and talk to Kamal, and he said there was one flat cart for Housewares, and it would be up there after the break. (Break is around 10:45, and for 30 mins or more... >.>''') So okay, i thought, as i went over to Men's where Anne is, and helped her a bit. She doesn't put out her stock, her Marketer does. @_@ So that was fun (Debbie is off this week), plus they are in the middle of a major over-haul of the Men's wear department. So the shorts that were right yesterday, weren't there today. So I was down there until break.

During break, Tersa (kid's wear) asked about stock, and Kamal said Jamie (anoother reciever) was delivering it right now, so i was like, yay! i'll have something to do now! After break.... NO STOCK! But Brenda (China) needed help moving around a shit load of Stemware, but i was happy to have something to do. I will be lucky to have anything tomorrow morning.

It's all falling a part.

plus i sorta feel sick. could be stress though. Been on and off like this since I've been doing the 2 stockrooms. So about 2 months now.

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