dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Da anime list, Aprilish

Bus Gamer (ep 1 is out RAW) - SuzuKen, Suwabe, Hiroki (eiji in PoT)

Macross Frontier - 3rd - Thursday - You-kyan, FukuJun, Konitan
Amatsuki - 4th - Friday - Suwabe, SuzuKen, NojiKen, Paku, FukuJun, Yusa
Blassreiter - 5th - Saturday - Suwabe, Mortia, You-kyan, MinaJun; OP: GRANRODEO
Code Geass - 6th - Sunday - FukuJun, and the others. XD
Neo angeliques Abyss - 6th - Sunday - You-kyan, Ono, Kappei, Irino...
S.A - 6th - Sunday - FukuJun, Tsubasa, Shimono
Wagaya no Oinarisama. - 6th - Sunday - You-kyan, Yukanna, Ono? i think
Monochrome Factor - 7th - Monday - Ono, Yocchin, Konitan, Ryoutarou, Suwabe
Soul Eater - 7th - Monday - Mamo-chan, Koyasu, Maaya
Vampire Knight - 7th - Monday - FukuJun, Mamo-chan, Kisho, Suwabe, Hoshi, Koyasu, MinaJun
Junjo Romantica - 10th - Thursday <-- it's my b-day. ^^ - Kisho, InoueKazu, Itou, Sakurai, Taniyama

Coming 2008
Linebarrels of Iron (Kurogane no Linebarrels) - You-kyan, FukuJun, Noto, Kakihara

Seiyuu count:
You-kyan - 5
Suwabe - 5
SuzuKen - 2
FukuJun - 6
Konitan - 2
Koyasu - 2
MinaJun - 2
Kisho - 2

Looking for more Yocchin shows. Tell me if you know any.

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