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Seiyuu 50 Questions

Yes im gona do this, and I don't know why... for here

1. Your name, birthday, age and blood type.
Kris, April 10th, 26, N/A

2. How long have you been a seiyuu fan?
Since I saw DN Angel, when was that? 2003ish (before that huge VA chaser)

3. Male seiyuus that you like?
Okiayu Ryoutarou, Konishi Katsuyuki, Hoshi Souichirou, Miki Shinichirou, Ishida Akira, Suwabe Junichi, Morita Masakazu, Sakurai Takahiro, Suzumura Kenichi, Narita Ken, Seki Tomo & Toshi, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Miyano Mamoru, Irino Miyu ....

4. Female seiyuus that you like?
Noto Mamiko, Minagawa Junko, Sakamoto Maaya, Asano Mayumi

5. Who is the seiyuu you first knew? Which anime/series (etc) did you know him/her from?
Same as Kaitou370 - Ishida Akira (DN Angel - Satoshi), Okiayu Ryoutarou (DN Angel - Dark)

6. What type of voice do you like? (e.g. low/young/cute, etc; can answer separately for male and female seiyuus)
Hmm not sure, i guess it varies.

7. What type of voice do you dislike? (can answer separately for male/female)
High pitch, whiney voices... icky. Like in the dubbed verison of Sailor Moon... "Rini" *shudders*

8. Which seiyuu do most of your friends (or fellow-seiyuu-lover-friends =P) like?

9. What do you feel about the idolization of seiyuus?
umm... no comment

10. Who is your favourite seiyuu? (can have more than one)
This is sorta like 3 & 4... umm... Konishi, Ryoutarou, Minagawa...

11. Please briefly introduce him/her (i.e. give use some info of them ^^)
oh god... um... (damn i wish my site was up) Konishi - April 21st;
Minagawa - Nov 22nd; Ryoutarou - Nov 17th.

12. How long have you been his/her fan?
Konishi since Loveless (2005); Ryoutarou - DN Angel (2003); Minagawa - PoT (2004)

13. Which anime/series did you know him/her from? When did you start liking him/her (from which series)?
oops. lol see above.

14. Which of his/her characters do you like most?
Minagawa - Ryoma (PoT), Ion (Trinity Blood), Ritsuka (Loveless);
Konishi - Soubi (Loveless), Radu (Trinity Blood), Haji (Blood+), Niwa (Gakuen Heaven), Kajimoto (PoT);
Ryoutarou - Dark (DN Angel), Tezuka (PoT), Byakuya (BLEACH), Wolx (Elemental Gelade), Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist), Akuram (Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~), Kouji (Gakuen Heaven) Andrew (GS/GSD).

15. Are there any characters voiced by him/her that you think are not suitable for them?
mmm nope.

16. Do you like him/her singing?

17. Any songs sung by them that you like?
ohh this is gonna take me forever to do... Ill list one for each.
Ryoutarou - Reloaded (Kai - Sukisho)
Konishi - OVER (Kajimoto - PoT)
Minagawa - anything from PoT

18. Have you seen/watched any events with him/her in it? (live, DVDs or downloaded ones are fine)
No, no wait... there was aloveless thingy

19. If you answered yes for no.18, what are your thoughts about the events/seeing him/her in the events?
Konishi & Minagawa... Loved it!

20. Seen it or not, would you like to see them in future events and what kind of performance would you like to see?

21. If him/her was an animal, what would it be and why?

22. If him/her was a dish (or just food), what would it be and why?
.... sick...

23. Please share one thing you know about him/her.

24. Has he/she done any BL (boys' love) roles?
hmmm i wonder... lol. I don't think i need to answer

25. If yes, have you listened to any of his/her dramas? Is there a favourite one?

26. A line said by him/her that you'd never forget (or that impressed you the most...)
oh no, i've read out of things to type -_-;;;

27. Have you seen his/her photos?
Oh yes.

28. Were you shocked/scared when you saw the photo(s) for the first time... i mean, how did you feel or what did you think about the photo(s)?
Lovely pictures....

29. Do you think their voice suit their looks (or vice versa)?

30. If he/she were to whisper beside your ears, what do you wish them to say?

31. How would you define "美聲" (it's chinese... means "beautiful voice"? you get the meaning) ?
uh i don't know

32. Please list 3 seiyuus whom you think possess this "beautiful voice."

33. In your opinion, which 3 seiyuus sing best?
Ryoutarou, Sakurai, & Hoshi Souichirou

34. Who do you think is/are best at expressing "anger" ?

35. How about "sadness" ?
Randome guess #2: Minagawa? lol

36. Who has the ideal "good guy" voice and who make good "bad guys" ?
bad guy - Ryoutarou; good guy - Miyano Mamoru

37. (Attractive) Older men?

38. Hentai/perverts?

39. Crossgender (voice-wise...)? (e.g. girl acting as guys or the other way round)
Ishida Akira, Hoshi

40. Who give(s) you the impression of "big reliable dog," and who reminds you of "small (petit, cute, weak?) animal" characters?

41. Amongst the BL roles, whose seme do you like best and what type of seme do you like them to be? (e.g. type of seme... you can see reference here organized by [info]nanya_hime</span>) ^^

42. Again, whose and what type of uke do you like? (again, here for the types thx to [info]nanya_hime^^)
dunno (<-- default answer)

43. Which 2 seiyuus are your favourite "pairing" (in BL dramas... not irl XD) ?
Morikawa x Hoshi

44. Which 2 seiyuus would you like to see paired up in a BL drama? What kind of drama/story would it be? Who would be the seme and who would be the uke? What type of seme and what type of uke?

45. Please briefly list your "BL Food Chain." (i dont really know what the question is asking for but u can see an example of a BL Food Chain here, again by [info]nanya_hime-sama ^^;;)

46. Since in the original no.46 was missing... I'll add mine: Which seiyuu would you like to have as your boy/girlfriend? And why? And despite your preference/bias who would you think would make a good bf/gf and why! XD (sorry for the long question >.>;;;;;)

47. Which seiyuu do you think are very cute?
oh geez... Ryoutarou, Sakurai, Konishi, Morita...

48. Despite of your preferences/bias, which seiyuus do you think are handsome/beautiful?
same as above....

49. Please write down your "seiyuu family tree." (<-- not really a tree... its like an imaginary family and who would be the dad, the mom, the granpa grandma sons n daughters etc. quite interesting lol)
no comment

50. Last question... Thanks for answering, and do you still love me? (<-- i did NOT make this up XD)

I survive the long Q&A!!!

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