dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Anti-community? Maybe but....

another reason not to skip posting on Friday is.... I KNOW i'll do something STUPID and i'll need to post about it.

For example today at work.... I was helping Heidi (AKA GOD), chage some end caps in Housewares. It was pretty simple and easy, but....
I was moving some Hamilton Beach Toasters for their fixture to the end cap and was taking my 2nd load of 2 over when another one decided to jump off the ledge... and me thinking: 'crap! i don't want it to fall fall' so I let it land on my leg. -_- So now my leg's a bit sore. I'm getting super tired doing both sections.

Also on friday I want to try to catch up on LJ. I've been not so good responding to my f-list's entries. So I really want to do that.
I'd also like to work on my site, did i mention enough yet that I have a dusty Anime Fansite? Just added bio-less Kekkaishi to it yesterday.

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