dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

I was gonna clean...

cuz seriously my room's a mess, but.... I feel like laying down instead.

Work wise.... Maybe, just maybe I'll get my mary-Anne back on TUESDAY. Kim (manager) told me 6 weeks ago I'd get her back... X_X STILL waiting, KIM.  I mean i'm basically winging everything in Housewares and Heidi scares me. But i suppose the extra hours are hurting me... i mean it all goes to those goverment bastards to pay off my student loans... they just take it out of my bank account each month: $465. I never gave them permission to do so. Isnn't that illegal or something? We tired to get them to lower the damn payments to something reasonable, we did everything they said to do, filled out this and that, send it in, only to get another letter saying we needed to fill this out, repeat the previous, and then at the end of all that hell, they said we didn't do this and that. >.< $500 a month is too high. Right now i'm working 25 hrs/week but normal right now i'd be lucky to get 8. And yet they expect me to pay $500 / month? I mean what if i lived not with my mom? I'd be on the street right now.

Maybe i'll clean tomorrow... i keep saying maybe i'll paint tomorrow too.

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