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dark-alone [userpic]

Operation: Save Jericho is in full motion

March 25th, 2008 (05:40 pm)

We've got Supernatural fans on board to help us out now too.
Aiming for either The CW (home of Supernatural) or Sci-Fi to pick it up and give us a 3rd season. Since all CBS wants is reality crapvision on it.

Okies for mailing The CW
for: Sci-fi

I'm gonna pick up some postcards tomorrow and think hard about doing up some letters. Like some creative, 'maybe they notice me' letters

or just d/l that postcard with 'JERICHO' on it from 1 of those 2 links above and sent it in. ^^ Power in numbers.

so even if you don't watch JERICHO, like those Supernatural fans, send in a postcard to save the show. ^^

Confidenchel, from jerichonet2.com made this lovely graphic... obviously aimed at The CW

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