dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

I'm ready for the new anime season... now

Let's see... i fell behind on Majin Tantei (tuesdays)
Everything else that's left: True Tears, Gundam 00, Persona (<-- fell behind on this too, i assume it's still on) - all on Saturdays
Kamen Rider Kiva is also Saturday or Sunday depending on when the raw comes out.

So it's a tad empty during the week right now, but even in april most of the anime i want to check out falls on sunday & monday, i believe. Which sorta sucks.

So work... Suseela quit, which sucks but... September is a long time to be not there. Rainey came back from his ski trip with his arm in a sling. XD At least the sling is black.

some JERICHO fans feel that The CW wouldn't care about the show to doing anything for it. Really? Go figure? A station isn't there to hold the hand of a series airing on it, all they want is to get something in return. Aslo they keep whining about how the budjet would be cut. Budjet? How much do they need? Most shows blow a ton on FX, JERICHO doesn't have any.

well whatever.

James Marsters is on tomorrow's Smallville

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