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Firstly... man do i feel sick. I almost fell asleep watch James do bad things on Smallville, and Lex also doing bad things. Ale-ments : stomach, head (will call that a migraine), i'm super hot which completely unusual, my eyes are tired... Well one more day till the weekend.


James Marsters was in it, as his evil self, meaning Brainiac for this series. Lex was in it... and my god... April 27th is a do not miss return for SMALLVILLE.
From the preview Lex shoves Lionel out of a window in either Lex's office or Lionel;s neither is on the main level... I'm thinking the top floor.

But back to tonights episode.... Brainac did his 'brain sucking' thing on LANA! I may not like this NuLana much, but it's still so sad! . It was more like: 'Meh.'  Brainac, for those unaware, isn't a man, but a machine, a computer. Lana is still in there, but trapped. She can feel everything, hear everything, but she has no control over her body functions, Brainac controls those. After Clark had Super Chole use her Super computer skills to look for power surges all over the globe, she saw one in Metropolis near where "Isis" is, which is Lana's 'spy on Lex' office. Clark used his Super Speed power (SSP) to jet on over there, but only found Lionel there, who tried to get Clark to listen to him, which i guess is a hard thing to do after you've kidnapped someone... Anywats Clark heads back to the farm via SSP, sees Lana at the stove (her back to him), he's all: 'thanks god you're here. I was afriad Braninac go to you.' She's unresponsive. CLark approaches and we hear the water boiling in a pot.... She's holding unto the metal handle.. He grabs her hand which is severally burned, and is like: 'WTF?' But then he sees her eyes... and he knows. T_T At the end of the episode Clark's in what one assumes is a medical place of some sort, and he's pacing, as Chole comes in. Then a guy in white opens a door and says to Clark: 'you can see her now.' It's like she's in a coma, or maybe a catatonic state like Buffy was in fot an episode of season 5. You know she's in there somewhere, but can't get out, or express herself. "Lana" says: 'Kal-el. Kal-el, it's too late." Chole pops into the area, and looks down the resonalably long hall at Clark who's kneeling beside Lana, with a shattered expression.

Episode #7-15: "Veritas"
Tags: tv: smallville

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