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wah! my day off tomorrow... is no more. I'm cursed to work on both April Fool's Day and senior's Day.

Why you may ask? Well first off this week all of the stock ppls are set to work 3 - 6 hr shifts, Mon, Wed, Thurs. Those are the days we get trucks. Well today (yes still doing Housewares on top of my Linens stockroom) early I get a couple boxes for Linens, and Ben informs me of 2 flat carts for Housewares... and 2 more downstairs, and i'm like okay, i've got 4 more hrs or so, so that's fine.... Try to stay with me here... I have 2 in there and i'm opening them, he bringing another flat cart (#3) and then #4 and then Charlie (one of the managers) starts helping Ben unload the boxes into the stock room, and i'm trying to keep up with the endless boxes, like there's a mountain at this point, and then Ben pauses for a bit, and i go for my break at 10 mins. to 11am. Teresa says she'll head over and help me out, so Yay! (completely short lived) I get over there, and there's Ben with another flat cart (#5) and he's like... yeah 2 more on the elevator. Me: @_@ Ben: the truck's Housewares. Me: (yeah no kidding). #6 & #7 with help of Charlie (thanks I needed an endless amount of boxes endlessly coming in) Flat cart #8, and me and teresa finally get all the boxes opened, just in time to do last minute clean ups, and I head over the Linens to see the stock load over there (did you forget that Linens in my home?) There's about 2 cart loads in there, and then i head back over to housewares.... Ben's there with another flat cart (#9) and says there's at least one more.... @_@ I'm like okay, when your down, can you close the door behind you? I slink back to Linens and see a flat cart waiting to be dumped inside, and then dive back over to Housewares to tell Ben that he can just push the door open, cuz it doesn't lock anymore, and then I head to drop off my keys, and punch out. On my way out, I see another flat cart waiting for Linens.... @_@

Oh yeah somewhere in there, Kim asked me to come in Tomorrow for a 5 hr shift, I said yes. this week will kill me, I can tell.

So tomorrow I hope Mary Anne can help me out, since no other Stock person will be in but me.

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