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Sweeney Todd

So me mom and I watched Sweeney Todd and I loved it. My mom had to cover her eyes several times though. lol
Yes, I bought the movie just because Johnny Depp was in it. (Partlt the reason anyway, I mean, Depp and Burton, who could ask for more?)
No, I'm not one of those NuJohnny fans, you know the ones who saw Pirates of the Caribbean, and saw Jack, and thought he was new to acting, and then started to follow his works. I don't particularly like those kind of people, nor do I like being put into a catergory with them.

Ahem, Johnny Depp should sing more though. Helena did i wonderful job with the speedy no breathing songs her character had to do.

Oh! Oh! and I saw ASH in it, as a bit, possibly uncredited part, because i looked for his name at the end but never saw it. (ASH is Anthony Stewart Head, btw, Giles of BtVS fame). Also Alan Rickman & the guy who played Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter.

Well Happy April Fool's day, and it's almost time for bed. I've had a fever all damn day, but whatever, such is life...

I enjoy musicals. I understand completely, that a musical is at least 75% singing. If it was 25% singing, it wouldn't be a musical, now would it?

Johnny Depp Movies I own on VHS
Sleepy Hollow

Sweeney Todd
A Nightmare on Elm Street (his first anything)
Edward Scissor Hands
Pirates of the Caribbean 1 - 3
Finding Neverland
Corpse Bride
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

my mom owns: Benny & Joon....
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