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I was watching the 2nd disc

of my Sweeney Todd 'DVD' and there was a 'Moviefone Unscripted With Tim Burton & Johnny Depp' featurette.... which was interesting of course, but there was this one question from a fan about what the weirdest request from a fan was, or the weirdest interaction. Johnny of course metentioned the: 'a person comes up to you asks if you are you' event. Person: are you johnny depp? Johnny: yes, I am. Person: No, you're not. and so on and so on. But then Tim was like, didn't you have someone from another country ask you an odd question? Johnny starts grinning... Tries to say it w/o laughing.... that yes, a journalist did ask him if HE BELIEVED IN GOATS. XD

Tim: Do you believe in goats?
Johnny: Yes. Yes, I do believe in goats.

So now everytime someone's talking about GHOSTS I keep thinking about that. LOL

It's an addiction, please forgive me for spamming your f-lists with Sweeney Todd stuffs.
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