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incase people were wondering....

not that i didn't post yesterday, because I did, but someone may have still wondered where i was.... yeah, maybe not. lol


Yesterday I got my birthday gift early. A brand new computer. With vista, yes that's right VISTA. I hate Vista. And my keyboard is smaller too. @_@
Okay my birthday is on Thursday.... and I almost killed my brand new computer yesterday. O.O Yes that's right, i fucked up the EXE files, aka all the programs, they wanted to open up in IE, which naturally didn't work.  Spent 4 hrs fixing that. Had to play with the registry.

Got DW 8 installed, PS CS2 (I had CS1, so i'll have to learn this one), still fighting with codecs.

The computer is:

9500 AMD Phenom Quad Core Processor
3 GB DDR2 Memory
ATI Radeon GFX card

Keyboard & Mouse
19" Widescreen LCD Monitor....

yes im still addicted to Sweeney Todd
Tags: b-day, computer

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