dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

3 more days....

...to finish costume.... x_X

yes... i'm doing, in theory anyway the arm belt bands now...
Well one of them anyway, and if all goes well, i'll be doing the other one too. ^^
You know what? .... Belts are evil! *gets out a needle to start hand sewing*
*20mins later turns opens msn*
Ugh... break time...

Now Playing: MIDNIGHT SUNSHINE - Oujo White Knights(Haruto Sakuraba [Mamoru Miyano], Seijuuro Shin [Naoya Goumoto], Makoto Ootawara [Kenji Nomura], Koharu Wakana [Mika Sakenobe])

So earlier today I was threading wire through the neck of my shirt.
Tomorrow operation: Hair Colour. Can dark, almost Black hair actually turn out to be a like-able blonde-ish colour, or at least something not orange? Because Coud doesn't have orange hair. >.< Plus it's going to be too long for his hair length, but i'm just going to try to do something wacky with it. ^^

Now Playing: Kiba\ED 2 Single - Solar Wind - Snowkel
Download This song!!!

Repeat has been turned on. >.>

ow! i keep stabbing myself in the neck... don't ask.
*continues working on belt*
More later
Tags: con: fan expo, music: snowkel

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