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i've been thinking.... and i've decided...

I must talk to Kim. I hate working til 2:30 pm
Mon, wed-thurs: 8:30am - 2:30 pm

First I get there at my normal time: &;45am and siti in the food court for 30 mins or so....
Then i may or may not have a few boxes to open, and then i wait and wait and wait until some kind of stock shows up. I say 'some kind' because usually what is on the flat cart is a mixture of boxes from, but not limited too (this is an average housewares cart): housewares, linens, china, kids, jewelry (yes, you're reading right) , lingerie, cosmetics, ladies wear, luggage, ladies accessories, shoes, olympic, major home.... i think i've been men's free so far though. Also I get storage (falls under Housewares) in the linens stock room, and decorative in the housewares room, that's linens btw.

On Monday our brave receiver, Jamie went home sick, so that was a fun long boring day of nothing. I came in on Tuesday for a 4 hr shift, and really i feel like accomplished more in 4 hrs then in 18hrs. It's true really.

Working til 2:30pm means after catching the bus at 2:45pm, i get home at 3:40ish, and then I have my lunch, and suddenly it's supper time. @_@

i want to tell Kim that i can only work til 1pm, 1:30pm max, and then I can skip the bus ride home. Seriously I'd be willing to work 2 - 5 hr shifts; and 2 - 4hr shifts. That would still equal the 18hrs.

On Tuesday we found out why Bill's been absent, he had some kind of surgery, just don't know what it was.
Also we got word that on Monday, April from jewelry on her was to work was involved in a car accident. She was upgraded from critical to serious. She's got a broken collar bone, and a broken back.... i guess i'll post more, when or if they tell us more... she's not in good shape.

Mary Anne had a bone scan on Wednesday, they are looking for bone cancer of all things. She found out a few days ago that she would be needing Hip replacement surgery. And the doctor wanted to check out the  swollen  part , becuase of fluid being in there, for the possibility of Bone cancer. She has a history of Cancer. She had Breast Cancer.

Sorry this post went from Pissed Off to depresso... but i hadn't posted about work in a bit so... yeah.

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