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Lukas Rossi! Lukas Rossi! Lukas Rossi!

Huh? No i don't watch Reality TV! LOL
So maybe... just this once...
But, I mean really I'm pre-Supernova for Lukas Rossi... I just didn't know it. lol
Cleavage, anyone?
Riddled by Cleavage, I love that song. And now I know why he looked and sounded familar ^^ GOd i'm such a baka at times :p

('Cause I'm changing my life around again)

She waits for me
by the rocks where the water breaks
'Cause in the drug I've been too bad
not so far as to put an end to me

'Cause at the bottom of the sea (lie1) all the lost souls
It's where they all sleep, it's where they go

Still2 are you laughing at me?
This fire burns your misery (..ry, ry ry)
Still2 are you laughing at me?
No, no!!

How long did you wait
Or did you feed the fire and detonate?
Two steps forward, one back
Listen real close even if it hurts
you're waiting for me in the clouds... you're invited

'Cause at the bottom of the sea all the lost souls
It's where they all sleep it's where they all go
I swear this time (this time)... I'll change forever


'Cause I'm changing my life around again
And I ain't wastin' my time without you
'Cause I'm changing my life around again
'Cause I ain't wasting my time without you

Sometimes this life can just SUCK, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK!


'Cause I'm changing my life around... again

Lyrics thanks to: Cleavage Rocks!

Fan Expo Costume Update
Arm Belts are done.
Pants aren't. lol.
Hair? Dye #1 - FAILED

Tomorrow Dye #2
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