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fandoms are... evil

firstly stealing images from misshallelujah, but i say 'stealing' loosely as i will put them in her folder, and rename it to reflect her current name.

2ndly (my computer just froze for 5 secs)  mods get a lot of shit, don't they? Also finger pointing, and blamed for everything, and usually it just at one, and not everyone involved, but that's fine, that 's how it works sadly. I have first hand experience with it, and tend to lend toward other modders sides from different places. For example the amount of stupid idiots on animeost.net is unbelievable.  So occassionally i'll say something like: 'first baka post of the day' keeping in mind that i am a member of Team Baka on the forum, and it is used in a more jokingly way, as apposed degrading. Then that's when everyone feels the need to jump me. Then I take this as a moment to see if those other idiot mods, the ones that have lots of opinions about how "we" should mod, but they themselves do nothing. (GFX mods mostly, but 'we' do have plans to vote them off of their high horses) that just maybe, maybe they would post in the thread telling everyone to cool it, but that of course never happened, and i just had to close it. -_- Well in short I understandthe shit that gets thrown at mods, when they were just making a joke.

I've only had a person issue in one community, the escaflowne one.
Gundam 00 is entertaining at times, but also a tad too dramatic and ... i guess 'childish' will work. Repeative too. I mean... Graham... manga... shower... yes... seen it 50 bilion times and i didn't care the first time!!! LJ cut that huge image! (i prefer only friends journals to be huge, not community ones)

i did manage to catch a comment directed at the man in question, about how he couldn't be a mod and be a fan with opinions at the same time. <-- that is my first baka post of this day, thank you.

I'm pretty easy going in terms of communities.... UNLESS someone starts bashing/trolling my babies. <-- seiyuu, if you are confused. I get really heating about that one, and usually say things i shouldn't, and get myself in trouble. @_@

Note: do not say anything bad about Allelujah/Hallelujah, or Graham, because as fall as i'm concerned it's hate towards Yocchin & You-kyan, that's how messed up my brain is. >.>

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