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day off, so naturally last night i went to bed at 9pm, cuz i had a migraine. Still had it when i got up.... i still have it, if you were wondering, also a bit of a fever. I was freezing this morning, and then hot in the after noon... still warm.

Talked to the ice bitch, and she gave me the talk, after saying 'no'.

But you know what? I didn't really care to hear all the reasons why she'll be giving us the same hours until christmas time. First off she SAID it was only going to be for a couple of weeks, which of course was a lie.

I'm sorry but my back doesn't really like these hours. My brain doesn't either, nr does my eating timetable. I get home at 3:40pmish, eat LUNCH at 4pm, and have dinner around 6pm.... and then go to bed at 10pm, cuz i get sleepy.

enough of that crap....

working on this wallie....

doing this a bit different with it, instead of adding brushes, i put a layer of black over top, set it to 67% op., and am using the eraser. ^^

Yes, yes, Vampire Knight is my new thing. I have a major weakness for Vampires.
Tags: anime: vampire knight, graphics: wallpaper

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