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I got it I got it I got it!

i love Karen in her towel....

but on to the point.... I got my precious YesAsia order today. ^___^

I now have in my possession.... the KIBA Offical Fanbook. so yays to now owning 2 fandom merch for that series. Wish I could find more.

And... drum roll, please....

The figma Lelouch action figure.

mom: 'I thought it'd be bigger.'
me: .... why?
-end of conversation-

I mean he's got 3 faces, 9 hands, Arthur (the cat), his Zero Helmet, of which i've only mastered getting it on Arthur's body so far, and a stand.
Yes he is shorter than my Final Fantasy action figures, but who cares? Not I.

So very very very precious. I mean sure the peices are small, and the stab you when you try to change them but..... i don't care! lol
Tags: chara: lelouch lamperouge, figma

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