dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

I learned....

how to use masked layer thingies in PS today. XD
I'm sure it's half-assed like but i don't care.

So expect to see some weird ass icons because of this new learning.

Now to take a moment to pimp creamuts / mutsie_brushes
You want some nice brushes for PS? Look no further. Just learn how to mask, and all will be fine.

i'm eagerly waiting, but not in a please time go fast way, for CG R2 tomorrow. You know if time goes to fast.... It'll be monday, and i work Mondays, however Monday is also the day Vampire Knight comes out... so i guess it can't be all bad.... except bus... i have to ride the bus after work.... well at least i don't live in Toronto... that would really suck right now.
Tags: photoshop

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