dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

That's what i like to read:

Krista M. your Black Blood Brothers 2 and Tokyo Majin 2 w/ Box are in.

About bloody time. I love Neo Tokyo and all, but damn it's been like 2 months since those 2 came out. It's so late that both of those have vol 3 out. *twitches*

2nd order of business... I've seen that you posted on your LJ soubi_no_kissu, and as soon as i get meslef myself together and learn how to make my brian brain order letters/words right again, I do plan on posting something on there. (i swear it is getting worse day by day) Soon i'll have to start taking my own advice I gave Steph in abnormal psych class... 'it's not that your not normal, some people take longer for their brains to reorganize gibberish'
Tags: soubi no kissu

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